Store the data with a specified key in the local cache. This will overlaps\ the original data using the same key.

This is an asynchronous interface.

Support the isolation of webview-embedded storage and the Mini Program storage. Specifying key storage data in embedded  webview does not overlap the data corresponding to the same key of the Mini Program itself.

Sample Code

  key: 'currentCity',
  data: {
    cityName: 'London',
    adCode: '330100',
    spell: ' London',
  success: function() {
    my.alert({content: 'Set Success'});


keyStringYesCache data key
dataObject/StringYesData to be cached
successFunctionNoCallback function upon call success
failFunctionNoCallback function upon call failure
completeFunctionNoCallback function upon call   completion (to be executed upon either call success or failure)

Note: When a single data is converted into a string, the string length is maximum 200*1024. For the same user, the cache of one Mini Program has an upper limit 10MB.