About App Container

App Container is a productive and secure runtime system that is built in the e-wallet app, which can run beautiful Mini Programs on both Android and iOS platforms. It provides you with lifecycle management of Mini Program and exposes the events that can be tracked, with functions such as onLaunch, onShow, onHide, onTitleClick, onReachBottom, and so on.


App Container provides rich capabilities via Mini Program JSAPIs with the following capabilities:

  • UI Capability

You can customize the style of user interface, such as navigation bar, tab bar, show toast, alert or loading view. You can draw on a canvas.

  • Media Capability

You can choose images from album, take photo by camera, and save image to album.

  • Storage Capability

You can store the data with a specified key in the local cache and get it later to remove the data from the local cache.

  • File Capability

You can save files downloaded from the network and get the file size and digest information.

  • Location Capability

You can get the current location after you get the authorization of user.

  • Network Capability

You can send a POST or GET request, upload or download a file, and connect to server via WebSocket protocol.

  • Device Capability

You can get the network status, make a phone call, and set or get the clipboard.

  • Open Capability

You can get user information within the authorization of user and make payments.

App Container provides rich UI components, such as view container to hold other components, basic components to display basic content, form components to submit a form to server, navigator component to jump to other pages, canvas component for drawing, and image component to display online or downloaded images.

Besides, you can also benefit from the following features available:

  • Fast Development

You get a uniform and standardized Mini Program development experience. Code once, and the Mini Program can run by App Container on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Flexible UI

App Container provides rich UI components such as scroll-view, progress, slider, switch, picker, which allows you to extend your own component based on them.

  • Analytics

App Container automatically collects data about Mini Program and you can view PV, purchase data, and other data, which enables you to make better decisions about your product and marketing optimization.