Lower effort on development, higher return on investment
An all-in-one development platform to help you create a Mini Program.
App Container
A high productivity and secure runtime environment for Mini Programs.
  • Provides rich UI components
  • Offers infrastructure APIs for developers to access device, storage or network status.
  • Supports customisation of native components such as titlebar, loading view, error view, JS API, etc.
Mini Program Studio
The fastest way for developers to build Mini Programs for the VodaPay app.
Features include:
  • Syntax highlighting and autocomplete
  • Code debugging with simulator or remote device
  • Git commands built-in
  • Easy app deployment
Development Centre
A one-stop development platform for developers to manage Mini Programs, members and releases.
  • Developer onboarding
  • Mini Program management
  • Data Analytics
  • Security & Safety
  • Approval for submission of 3rd-party Mini Programs
How it works?
Developers can use web technologies they are familiar with to develop mini programs for the VodaPay platform.
Using the VodaPay Mini Program development platform, app developers are able to leverage the benefits of VodaPay's range of services including cross platform capabilities to develop apps much more efficiently than ever before. The VodaPay Mini Program platform manages all the complexities such as security, verification and payment processing.
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Step 1
Develop an app-like experience at a much lower development cost and gain instant access to millions of customers already on the Vodacom platform.
Step 2
Web (CSS & Javascript)
Use the Mini Program Platform with technologies you are already familiar with. Simply use the VodaPay IDE to quickly and easily develop and deploy your Mini Program.
Step 3
Automatic deployment
Once your code is ready, the VodaPay platform will build your code and deploy your app, making the launch of your Mini Program effortless and immediate.
Step 4
Reach users where they are
Your audience can now find you via the VodaPay app, by using a QR code, location-based discovery or through a direct invite and external advertising.
Development support
A range of tools to help developers quickly onboard and develop Mini Programs.