Reduce Anxiety with Prompt Feedback

When users are using Mini Program, scenes that require users to wait might happen. The technology offered by Mini Program has significantly reduced wait times while loading and waiting cannot be avoided, so you must give prompt feedback to reduce users' dissatisfaction. Apart from offering prompt feedback while users are waiting, clear feedback should also be provided for the results of an operation.

Start-up page loading

The Mini Program start-up page is one of the Mini Program pages providing the chance for branding display. This page highlights the Mini Program brand's features and loading status. Elements on the start-up page other than the brand logo, such as the loading progress indicator, are provided by the Mini Program official by default and cannot be altered.



When users swipe down the page to a certain height, the overall refresh of the current page can be triggered.


Local loading

Local loading only provides feedback in the page that triggers loading. This feedback mechanism is more focused and entails less page movement. This loading feedback mechanism has less interference to users' experience and is recommended.


Global loading

Global loading covers the whole page, and must be used with caution because the location or content of specific loading cannot be clearly informed, which may cause anxiety to users. Developers can customize the global loading style. It is recommended to use animation effect to avoid users' anxiety caused by static pages.


Feedback on local operations

For local operations, direct feedback can be given in the operation area.



Feedback on global operations

Message prompt boxes

A message prompt box is suitable for lightweight operational prompts, and it automatically disappears after the prompt without interrupting the current user journey, such as notifications that indicate success. Please note that a message prompt box is not suitable for error prompts, which must clearly inform users of the important information.


Modal dialog boxes

If an operation result must be clearly acknowledged by users, you can use a modal dialogue box to display the notification and provide directions for the next operation.


Result pages

If the operation result indicates the end of the current user journey, you can use the result page as feedback. This clearly informs users that the operation ends. You can also provide directions for the next operation according to the actual needs.