With the Settings functionality, you can customize the settings according to your business requirements.

This functionality is available for workspace admins.


You can make the following settings:

  • Logo & Favicon

You can change the logo that is displayed on your customized mini program platform and the console.

You can also change the favicon that is displayed on the tab of the web browser.

  • Service Email Preference

You can set your noreply email, by which you can send outgoing emails and prevent customers from flooding the email inbox with unnecessary responses.

  • Domain Preference

You can customize your domain name for the external display.

  • Whitelist for Mini Program Testers(Optional)

Workspace admins can enable the gray-box testing for designated testers. Developers can add tester accounts to the whitelist under Mini Program > Configuration > Whitelist for Mini Program Testers.


  • The maximum number of the tester accounts is 100.
  • To use this feature, make sure the versions of Griver and WallerAPI in the App Container must meet the following requirements:
  • Griver 2.16.0 or higher
  • WalletAPI 0.4.4 or higher
  • URL of About Us

You can set the link for the text About Us. By the clickable text, you can link the mini program platform with one of your websites.

  • Copyright Notice

You can enter the texts in the format of a symbol, a year and an owner to define your copyright notice, which is displayed on the portal homepage.

  • Term of Service Agreement

You can upload the agreement.

Feature List

In addition, check the feature list in the table below:



Logo & Favicon

  • Your logo
  • Your favicon

Service Email Preference

  • Email account
  • Email nickname
  • Email SMTP host
  • Email SMTP port
  • Email logo
  • Contact URL

Domain Preference

  • Current domain name
  • Alternative domain name
  • Outbound IP

Whitelist for Mini Program Testers

Whitelist availability

URL of About Us

URL of the linked website

Copyright Notice

Copyright notice texts

Term of Service Agreement

URL of the document

More information


Member Role

Workflow Procedures

Manage Mini Program

Manage Workspace



Manage Apps