Manage Mini Programs

The Mini Program Manage functionality is available for admins and developers to manage mini programs. Depending on your roles, you can perform different actions to manage your mini programs. Check this video to quickly get an overview of how to manage mini programs.

Workspace Admin, Workspace Reviewer, Workspace Developers can manage the workspace with the highest authorization, while Developer Admin (also called Mini Program Admin) and Developer have the authorization for their own workspace and mini programs. For more information about the roles, see Member Role.


Depending on your roles, you can benefit from all or some of the following features. Workspace admins can manage all the mini programs with all the features, while workspace reviewers, developer admins, and developers can view their mini programs by either adding members (as developers or admins) or done in the mini program development.

To be specific, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Create a new mini program

You can choose the mini program type and create a new mini program after you provide the required information. For more information about the mini program type, see Mini Program Types. This feature is available for the workspace admins, developer admins and workspace developers.

  • Check mini programs in the list

You can check the mini programs in a list.

  • Workspace admins can check all the mini programs in the space.
  • Other roles can check the authorized mini programs.
  • Navigate to the detail page of the mini program

You can search for the mini program by mini program name, mini program ID, or creator. You click one specific mini program in the list and navigate to the detail page to check the following features:

  • Information
  • Versions
  • Members
  • Features
  • QR Code
  • Configuration
  • Manage a selected mini program in the detail page
  • Information
  • Developer admins can modify or update the mini program information that is provided when you create the mini program. In addition, you can use multi-languages to describe your mini program information to localize the mini program.
  • Other roles can view the information.
  • Versions

You can check the version list of the mini program and filter mini programs by status. By selecting one specific version, you can check the detailed version information, JSAPIs that are used in the mini program, and the release progress. Developer admins can also add release notes under Version Info > Release Note and submit an approval request to publish the version.

  • Members
  • Developer admins can add members to join the mini program project and remove members from the project to develop, debug, release and manage mini programs.
  • Set the member to either of the following roles:
  • Developer Admin
  • Developer
  • Other roles can view the member information.
  • Features

The feature is a package that contains JSAPIs that are used in the mini program. You can view the feature list. By selecting a specific feature, you can view all the JSAPIs contained in the feature.

In addition, developer admins can also add or delete features.

  • QR Code

This feature is available for Admins, including Workspace Admins and Mini Program Admins. You can take the following actions to the QR code:

  • Display a default QR code for testing.
  • Define a new QR code with the URL and Page Parameters.
  • Delete the default QR codes.
  • Check the details of a QR code.
  • Download a QR code.
  • Configuration
  • Developer admins can configure the client ID, the merchant ID, and whitelists.
  • Developer admins and workspace admins can view the configured information.
  • Remove the mini program

You can send your removal request of the mini program. After the removal request is approved, you can remove the mini program.


This feature is only available for workspace admins and developer admins.

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