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An introduction to Mini Programs

Mini Programs are the answer to rapid mobile application development. Mini Programs are sub-applications that run inside the VodaPay Super App. You can access various services and features on Mini Programs without the need to install additional applications. Below are guides, tutorials and references to quickly get you started.

Why use Mini Programs

Mini Programs come with a host of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • A low learning curve, since it is based on common web technologies
  • A singular code base that supports iOS, Android and HarmonyOS with a close to native experience
  • Built-in rich components and API's (such as access to user info, local storage, payment functionality etc)

The Mini Program Access Process

The Mini Program lifecycle, from the creation of a developer account to publishing your Mini Program:

  1. You can register for a developer account on the Mini Program Developer Platform (link on the top right corner for quick access from all pages). Upon logging in, ask the workspace admin to assign a role to you:
    • Mini Program Admin: Has full worksapce control, can add, remove and update members
    • Mini program Developer: Has limited workspace control
  2. If you are a Mini Program Admin, you can:
    • Apply to create a Mini program on the Mini Program Developer Platform. After successful creation, a unique identifier will be assigned to the newly created Mini Program
    • Submit the Mini Program particulars, including but not limited to:
      • The Mini Program name
      • A tagline
      • A breif description of the Mini Program
      • A logo
      • Contact details
    • Add Mini Program Developers to the Mini Program
  3. The Mini Program Developer, developes and debugges the Mini Program using Mini Program Studio
  4. The Developer uploads the code from Mini Program Studio to the Mini Program Developer Platfrom, then the Mini Program Admin can apply for publishing a new version of the Mini Program
  5. Workspace Admins review the application
  6. If the review is approved, then the Mini Program Admin can release the Mini Program
  7. Finally users can access the Mini Program on the Super App

Further details are provided under the Intergration steps section